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The web team manages and publishes the services public website and is responsible for the overall strategy of the internal and external communications on the web. It is our job to ensure that the corporate website is comprehensive, user-friendly, and accessible.

We also provide central support and guidance for staff and partner organisations in the development of website information. The team members are focussed on the following roles:

  • Corporate web strategy and management
  • Page origination, editorial and design responsibilities
  • Web technology development
  • Application development
  • We are continuously working to improve the accessibility and usability of this website and welcome your suggestions and comments.

Website feedback

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We welcome suggestions and value opinions from our customers. If you have any comments to make or can think of a way in which we can consider improving the services we deliver, we want to hear from you!

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If you encounter a problem with the Hounslow website, please report it using the website error form. Use this form below to report any technical errors that you encounter with the website. Select an error type from the dropdown menu, and provide as much detail as you can in the error detail box, such as the URL of the page you were accessing and any error messages that appeared on screen.

Please note, any information you provide will be bound by the council's privacy policies and all other relevant clauses of this website's legal notices.


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